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Charles. M. Duke Signed Moonwalker Cover

Exclusively produced by Isle of Man Post Office we are honoured to present this very special, limited edition of only 750, signed cover by astronaut and Moonwalker Charles.M.Duke.


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Product Code: YC95

Product Description
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    Charles M. Duke acted as Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM) for Apollo 11 and was lunar module pilot for Apollo 16, walking on the Moon on 21st April 1972.

    We are therefore honoured to present this limited edition, hand signed cover to offer collectors the opportunity to own something extremely precious.

    The front cover is graced with two stamps from our 'One Small Step' issue (acknowledging Charles Duke's role as CAPCOM in Apollo 11) and also  the Apollo 16 stamp from our 'One Giant Leap' issue, featuring Duke on the surface of the Moon. Also featured is a special postmark detailing the date of the astronaut's Moonwalk - 21st April.

    Inside you will find an illustrative card, featuring insightful information about the Apollo missions.

    Available to pre-order now and strictly limited to only 750 worldwide.


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