ISO27001: Why This Number Matters in Direct Mail

In Direct Mail, where information is everything, the most important information we hold is customer data.

Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Direct Mail in the Digital Age

In a digital world, Direct Mail may seem outdated to many. If we're being frank, the demise of the sector was predicted more than once in the early 2000s by proponents of online marketing, but the reality has been somewhat different.

Quality, not Quantity – The Secret of Direct Mail Success

Came across this great article on the Huffington Post site about why Direct Mail remains relevant

Know Your Players: The Personal Touch

Know Your Players: The Personal Touch

Direct Mail is all about data, as I’m sure you already know, and the more digging you can do the more effective your campaign will be.

Setting the Standard: Direct Mail for eGaming Businesses

We’ve covered the regulation and legal frameworks that govern eGaming and Direct Mail in the UK before, but this topic is so complex and so important that I thought it might be worth looking at it again. Of course, every jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations so it’s always important to check them first, but with most of our clients either based or doing business in the UK, we’ll focus specifically on that for this blog.

2016: A Year of Opportunity

2016: A Year of Opportunity

The UK gaming industry had another record year in 2014-15, recording a total yield of £12.6 billion, according to figures released by the Gambling Commission. This marks a new high for the burgeoning sector and shows just how hardy the UK industry has become, with eGaming now making up 29% of the total yield.

Referral Marketing: Making Your Direct Mail Go Further

So we all know the main point of Direct Mail is to either attract new customers or upsell to existing ones.

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