Tracking Your Direct Mail Campaign

Tracking Your Direct Mail Campaign

While targeting and technology can reduce costs, Direct Mail is always going to have a higher unit cost than its email equivalent.

Mail Scams Are Less Common, But They Haven’t Gone Away

I was thinking yesterday that we don't see so much in the media about casino and lottery scam mailers these days.

Direct Mail: What Not to Do

Direct Mail: What Not to Do

So we've covered that art quite extensively in this blog of what to do when it comes to direct mail, and from lots of different angles, but it occurred to me this week that sometimes learning what not to do can be just as informative as learning what's right.

Not Using Direct Mail? You Could Be Missing Out

So we've already covered in great detail in this blog why Direct Mail remains relevant alongside the digital mix, how it can be delivered cost-effectively and why it's not going anywhere soon.

Direct Mail and the EU Referendum

Direct Mail and the EU Referendum

Slightly off-topic for a betting and gaming-focused business as it may be, we couldn't let the UK's European Union referendum pass without a look at the use of Direct Mail during the campaign.

On the Hook: Seven good reasons to mail existing customers

We've covered the importance of having a good hook for your Direct Mail campaign many times on this blog, but what are the most common occasions you can leverage?

Converging Technologies Will Deliver Enhanced ROI

According to this article in Direct Marketing, in 2014 US businesses spent $45 billion on Direct Mail and $2 billion on email marketing

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