Direct Mail and the EU Referendum

Direct Mail and the EU Referendum

Slightly off-topic for a betting and gaming-focused business as it may be, we couldn't let the UK's European Union referendum pass without a look at the use of Direct Mail during the campaign.

On the Hook: Seven good reasons to mail existing customers

We've covered the importance of having a good hook for your Direct Mail campaign many times on this blog, but what are the most common occasions you can leverage?

Converging Technologies Will Deliver Enhanced ROI

According to this article in Direct Marketing, in 2014 US businesses spent $45 billion on Direct Mail and $2 billion on email marketing

The Rise and Rise of Online Lotto

The Rise and Rise of Online Lotto

The online lottery messenger service was once a very niche market sector, existing on the fringes of eGaming with nobody quite certain of whether it was legal or not, but in the past two years it has become mainstream.

The Millennial Conundrum: Appealing to the Under-35s

The growth of online gaming has also led to a marked shift in player demographics.

Is ‘Value’ the Key to Successful Direct Marketing?

An interesting piece of research has emerged from our partners (and occasional friendly rivals) over at Royal Mail regarding the concept of ‘Value’ in Direct Mail.

Key Trends in 2016 – Let’s talk about Tech!

As we go further into 2016, I thought it would be fun to look at a few key trends relating to the sector. Technology is finding its way into all aspects of DM, with even delivery companies investing in new systems to enhance speed and efficiency, so let’s examine some key innovations that can enhance ROI for our eGaming clients.

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